SKF bearing FAQS

QWhat's the features of SKF Spherical roller bearings ?

AAccommodate misalignment Spherical roller bearings are self-aligning like self-aligning ball bearings or CARB bearings High load carrying capacity Spherical roller bearings are designed to accommodate both heavy radial loads and axial loads in both directions. Long service life The rollers are manufactured to such tight dimensional and geometrical tolerances that they are practically identical in a roller set. The symmetrical rollers self-adjust, providing optimal load distribution along the roller length and together with the special profile prevent stress peaks at the roller ends Low friction Self-guiding rollers keep friction and frictional heat at low levels . A floating guide ring guides unloaded rollers so that they enter the load zone in the optimal position. Robust All SKF spherical roller bearings contain strong window- or prong-type cages.

QWhat's the else special application requirements. of cylindrical roller bearings ?

ABearings with Solid Oil INSOCOAT bearings Hybrid bearings NoWear coated bearings Super-precision bearings Backing bearings Indexing roller units Cylindrical roller bearings and bearing units for railway applications

QWhat's the Product line of rollway bearings?

APlane thrust bearing: it is the biggest highlight of rollway product series. Tapered roller has the best radian, and the large end face of roller also has radian, so that the bearing can bear strong load. It is commonly used in heavy load equipment such as extruder, oil well machinery, coal crusher, homogenizer and rolling mill, which is favored by OEM. British roller bearing: Spherical Roller Bearings The tolerance of rollway is precise, including single row, single row, double row and double row. High quality bearing steel is selected. It is processed by centrifugal casting, machine tool and double-layer cage. It is processed by ultra precision long-time silent raceway, with maximum anti fatigue life. We are familiar with Morgan mill, Ge, etc. are its loyal users. Metric inch cylindrical roller bearing: it is the most complete size and specification in the industry, with the highest quality. The use of m-500 tool steel and vimvar high-strength steel meets the most demanding requirements. Therefore, it is the leader in the fields of industry, military, aviation and aerospace.

QWhat's the rollway bearings?

AFounded in 1908 in Syracuse, N.Y., the rollway brand in the United States has been able to produce more than 2000 kinds of cylindrical roller bearings and tapered thrust bearings, especially oversized roller bearings, which can be applied to a wide range of applications ranging from food processing to metallurgical industry. Rollway's latest brand logo Rollway has a strong technical force, which can provide high-quality services according to the actual needs of customers: for example, the outer diameter can be more than 42 "; grade change contacts, tracks and holes are set to prevent reversals; m-500 tool steel carbon steel and vimvar high-quality steel are used; copper, cast iron and phenolic resin can be used as cage.